Solve the toughest problems in self-driving

Compete against the world on self-driving challenges

The new leaderboard measures and displays the top performers on Deepdrive. Now anyone who submits an entry can be scored and ranked on some of self-driving’s toughest scenarios, and see how their algorithms stack up. We plan to continuously add and refine testing scenarios to truly represent the complex task of driving. Over time we will seek to define a broad set of scenarios that track a new state-of-the-art in self-driving. We also welcome others to add to our growing repository of scenarios.

Our first Open Challenge

Unprotected Left

Our first scenario is testing performance on the Unprotected Left - one of the most difficult maneuvers on the road, and a particular challenge for self-driving vehicles. This scenario takes place on a four-way junction with no active signals. Two other vehicles (agents) approach from the opposite direction, which your vehicle (ego) must wait for before safely completing the left turn.

Scores for this scenario are based on a combination of total trip time and g-force caused by acceleration. You gain points by minimizing the time spent to reach the destination, while you lose points based on increases in g-force (e.g., 0.1g is uncomfortable, 0.4g is jarring, and 1g is harmful). If the car collides or harmful g-forces are encountered, the evaluation ends prematurely.

Submitting is easy! All you need is a GitHub account to get started. Check out our tutorial for a 10 minute guide on how to get ranked on the leaderboard.

What’s next

We will be including more scenarios soon, and the leaderboard will be updated to show combined performance on all of them. A group of top ranked contestants will be announced over the coming months and offered the chance to visit with the Voyage team at our head quarters in Palo Alto, CA and meet up with other top ranked members on the leaderboard. Stay tuned for more details!