Build self-driving AI

Voyage Deepdrive is a simulator that allows anyone with a PC to push the state-of-the-art in self-driving.

Deepdrive includes support for deep reinforcement learning with OpenAI Baselines PPO2, online leaderboards, UnrealEnginePython integration and more.

Deepdrive Features

Easy Access to Sensor Data

Simple interfaces to grab camera, depth, and vehicle data to build and train your models.

Three Diverse Maps

A beautiful new 25-block San Francisco-style map by Parallel Domain in addition to an open and modifiable 5-block and cityscape loop.

Advanced In-Game AI

In-game agents that overtake, follow, route, and negotiate intersections intelligently.

Baseline Agents

Deep reinforcement learning PPO2 baseline agent and end-to-end MNET2 imitation learning baseline included.

Python Unreal Scripting

Access the entire Unreal API in Python. Using UnrealEnginePython you read any property and call any method on every actor in the scene. UnrealEnginePython uses reflection to deeply introspect Unreal Engine objects more more easily than you could in C== or Blueprints.

Domain Randomization

Seven view modes are provided to support transfer learning via domain randomization. These include depth, world normals, ambient occlusion, base color, roughness, and reflectivity.

Deepdrive in action Deepdrive in action Deepdrive in action